We take care of the things you don't have time for!

Maintenance Services

Small Tree and Shrub Care

  •  pruning, trimming and shaping
  • soil amendments for shrub and tree health and growth
  • Hydrangea care for the most blooms
  • organic disease and pest care
  • planting ornamental trees and shrubs
  • staking: installation and removal of T-bars/stakes and guy wires
  • shrub and tree wrapping
  • lime-sulfur applications
  • shrubs, hedges and small tree removals

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Have you ever had an untrained landscaper pull your favorite perennial flower or mistake your herbs for weeds during a spring cleanup? With Folklore Botanical's highly educated gardeners, you know your favorite garden flowers will still be there when your bed cleanup and  garden maintenance services are complete.

In the fall, cleanups are crucial to remove leaves, branches and other debris from your property to keep things neat and tidy. We don't use heavy machinery during our clean-ups. We know the damage they can cause to lawns and the undesirable effects of soil compaction on roots. 

Flower Bed Care

  • soil testing for optimal growth
  • seeding and cultivating 
  • dead-heading 
  • fertilizing
  • dividing and transplanting
  • organic disease and pest control
  • plant supports and winter covers: peony cages, clematis trellis, etc.
  • pruning
  • soil amendment
  • planting and replacing dead plants
  • thinning out and removals


Sometimes all you need is to "fluff" your current mulch and add a little top dressing. Year after year, over mulching is a practice the larger "mow and blow" companies tend to do, but the better solution is "fluffing" and top dressing. 


The benefits of mulching are retaining soil moisture, controlling weed growth, adding organic matter to the soil and maintaining gradual changes in soil temperature. Since your garden is mulched every year, you may be adding more than necessary.

For annuals and perennials, we keep the mulch layer at 1 to 2 inches. Before adding new mulch,  we use a leaf rake to gently "fluff" the mulch and check the depth. If there are more than 2 inches, there is no need to add more.

Many homeowners find fresh mulch visually appealing. Mulch color can fade over time, but "fluffing" the existing mulch or adding a very thin layer of new mulch can provide that "fresh" look.

Bed Edging

 Lawns are the centerpiece of the landscape around most homes. But adjacent beds of shrubs, trees and perennials complement every lawn, and keeping a clear boundary between the two is one of the tricks to making the landscape look its best.

 Many forms of wood, plastic, metal and concrete edging are available, but sometimes the best method is to maintain the edge by hand. With nothing more than a shovel, we can maintain the perfect edge between grass and beds and forgo the expense and trouble of installing edging. 

Rose Care

At Folklore Botanical rose care is our specialty. We are experienced working  

with antique shrub roses, standard roses and climbing roses. Your roses will thrive with regular care and attention. We offer complete rose care packages which include pruning, shaping, feeding, organic pest and disease maintenance. 

The key to maintaining strong, healthy roses is pruning. Pruning ensures that your plant stays healthy and vigorous while producing larger flowers with strong stems. Pruning also eliminates dead, diseased and damaged canes which ensure health of the plant. 

With our complete rose care package we do Organic Rose Care. All roses will follow an organic rose care program which requires pruning to commence when the forsythia bloom or for old-fashioned roses or species roses that bloom only one time per year, prune in spring after flowering. The program includes April composting, May fertilization & horticultural oil spray, and consistent watering. Climbing roses will be sprayed for black spot, rust, aphids, and spider mites with horticultural oil.  An early effort to prevent rose disease and promote rose health will be employed.