Landscape Design Service

Hand Rendered Designs

We hand render and use image editing software to create beautiful and functional designs that can be easily installed by a contractor of your choice, one we recommend, or by you. We do both scaled designs and conceptual designs. 

How it works

Give us a call to set up an initial meeting on site to get more details on your project. At that time, we discuss your priorities, project timeline, and budget. We go over lots of details on the first meeting, so a minimum of one hour is needed to get all the info we need to come up with a design. During this visit,  we give you a quote on what it takes to turn your dreams into a usable design. 

What's included

With your scaled design we also include plant photo sheet and material take off list. The material list can include plants, hardscape materials, any soils, aggregates, and mulch needed to have a finished project. You can use this package to install the project from start to finish. 

What's it cost?

Design services costs vary by the complexity of the design and features included in the design. Our minimum cost starts at $150. 

The steps in the process

  • Contact us
  • Initial consultation and contract 
  • Client provides survey if needed
  • Site visit for measurements and photos
  • Set up second meeting to go over design
  • Minor revisions if necessary or sign off on design and client receives design package. 

Meet the Designer

 Learn more about Lorin, the designer at Folklore Botanical. Her background in project management and landscape design is extensive.